A Martinato

108 Years of Developing Vision

Founded on August 12, 1912, Martinato Maquinas is a pioneer and reference in the Optics market, always seeking innovation, knowledge and high-quality products and service.

Its know-how has developed skilled professionals and equipment that leveraged Brazil’s vision. Today it operates throughout the national territory and its products are exported to countries in Latin America and the USA. In addition to its range of developed products, it also represents renowned brands such as the American Vision Assessment Co., Spanish SmarThings4Vision, Japanese Takubomatic with Computerized Automatic Veneers, Italian Comes Freeform specialist and Asian Yeasn, reference for quality and technology in the East.

Ten years ago, Martinato introduced the Refraction line that features a complete selection of devices designed to ensure the right solutions for your office and thus has achieved another step in its mission of bringing vision to all people. These equipments are tested and approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and certified by the National Institute of Metrology (INMETRO).
With this mission in mind, each day Martinato brings new solutions, visualizing the result of its work translated into the success of its customers. Thus, it reinforces the commitment to always be by your side and working for its constant growth with a differentiated service, high-quality products and guarantee of a company with over 100 years in the market.

Our purpose

Why We Work

Our mission is the Vision. That's why we contribute to people's good eyesight through the best possible customer service and high-quality products.

The Target

We will be one of the leading national companies and remembered for their concept, service, and tradition in the field of vision equipment.

The values we seek

• Product and company safety
• Relationship with customers and employees
• Constant Innovation in Equipment and Market
• Ethics and Transparency with employees and customers
• Knowledge, Translation, and Culture as a form of growth

Guerino Martinato

Company Founder. In 1912, Guerino opened an optician and jeweler shop in the city of Rio Grande, in southern Rio Grande do Sul, called Martinato

Aldo Martinato

Guerino’s son, Aldo, studied optics and optometry in France, becoming a pioneer in both areas in Brazil. He wrote the first book of Optics of the Country, which for many years served as support for students in the field. He served as President of the company, where he divided his time with trips to teach and give lectures.

Miguel Martinato

Miguel represents the third generation of the family. He has a degree in Engineering and has worked at the company for over 30 years. It has opened doors to new markets and today is the Executive Director.